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Cape Bouvard® wines are produced from a selection of premium grapes grown in the South West region of Western Australia. Price per bottle shown below.


Sauvignon Blanc 2012 18.50
(approx. 13.2% alc/vol.) Bursting with tropical fruit flavours highlighting the best expression of pristine fruit. The fruit was sourced from down south to enable to dry finish to an excellent wine.

Chardonnay 2012 16.50
(approx. 13.4% alc/vol.) An excellent example of rich ripe peach and cashew nut aromas and finishing with a dryness on the palate.

Classic White 2012 16.50
(approx. 13.3% alc/vol.) Snappingly fresh, grassy and hints of citrus flavours. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay with a small amount of Semillon. Excellent for drinking now.

Verdello 2012 16.50
(approx. 13.1% alc/vol.) A clean crisp wine with apricot and honeysuckle aromas. Sweet lime flavours with good balance and length.
Chenin Blanc 2012 16.00
(approx. 13.8% alc/vol.) Pale yellow gold, intense floral with fresh tropical fruit flavour on the palate. Well balanced with a soft finish.


Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 16.50
(approx. 14% alc/vol.) Tastes of blackcurrents, medium bodied, well balanced with fine tannins and a hint of American oak.

Shiraz 2009 16.50
(approx. 13.8% alc/vol.) Dark cherry with the palate deliciously showing coffee and chocolate with soft tannins. The fruit was grown under organic conditions.

Merlot 2010 16.50
(approx. 13.2% alc/vol.) Smooth on the palate highlighting a fruity varietal structure with wine showing tannins.

Dry Red 2009 10.00
(approx. 13.4% alc/vol.)

Grenache' (Rose Style) 16.00
(approx. 13.8% alc/vol.) Rosé style with a real fruity flavour, very fresh, clean and crisp. Popular with a cheese platter on a warm sunny day.

Ruff Red (2009 Merlot) 10.00
(approx. 13.4% alc/vol.)

Mainly merlot with a touch of shiraz with heaps of savoury tannins. Does not have a lot of weight and despite its structure it is better drinking now as very little preservatives were used in the making.


Sparkling Brut 2011 16.50
(approx. 12% alc/vol.) A bubbly for any occasion, it is full and inviting with fine bead, complex layers of fruit, nuances of caramel and yeast. Chardonnay based.

Sparkling Red 2011 16.50
(approx. 12% alc/vol.) An excellent example of rich ripe peach and cashew nut aromas and finishing with a dryness on the palate.


White Port 2008 18.00
(approx. 18% alc/vol.) Derived from white grapes and matured similarly to Ruby Ports. The sweet style often superficially resembles Amaroso sherries. Generally served chilled.

Ruby (Young Tawney) 2007 18.00
(approx. 17.8% alc/vol.) Derived from the blending of wines (red) from several vintages and aging occurs predominantly in oak barrels (300 litres).

Vintage Port 2003 17.50
(approx. 18% alc/vol.) A single vintage and aged in inert cooperage. This vintage was shiraz fruit of high quality and is unfined giving a complex aroma and bouquet.

Ginger Wine 15.00
(approx. 18% alc/vol.)

Liqueur Muscat 2007 17.50
(approx. 18.2% alc/vol.) Muscat varieties produce high levels of sugar and the Asti method of stopping fermentation produce a sweet exceptional quality of fortified wine. A great after dinner nip.
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